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O antes e depois dos atores de "A Guerra dos Tronos" | SAPO Mag

Peter Dinklage In-person Autographed Photo Game of Thrones

If the official Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer had you shook, this theory will have you quaking in your boots.  Basically, it looks like the newly-minted Queen Cersei may be going down this season in a pretty spectacular way.  Valonqar is High Valyrian for "little brother." The prophecy,

Cersei Is In Trouble If This Game Of Thrones Theory is Right

Queen Cersei may die at the hands of Jaime Lannister or Arya Stark, as evidenced by a popular fan theory and this visual clue from the Season 7 Trailer.

Father & Son: the Last Dragon and the White Wolf

Father & Son: the Last Dragon and the White Wolf This is a fine example of how Jon Snow knows nothing