white witch's nails.


No idea where to pin this. Are they nails? Is it jewellery? Not sure it's my style or DIY/craft either but I love it!

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dripping in diamonds ... Nail Art Design

When it comes to nail art, you can't get more luxe than this. I bet this picture came of a jeweler's ad, and if it wasn't, it should!

Metallic talons.

Preditor Rings - Predator rings are formidable finger fashions that let others know that the wearer is up for the hunt. Danielle Nicole Hills is the artist behind t.

That might be the coolest nail art ever. 3D-Firearm-Weapon-Fingernails

For the cover of London-based magazine SuperSuper!, Laurent Theopane Bertrand created the above fingernail gun art. It doesn't come with bullets, but it is


Delicate Finger Armor - Blackbird Wings - Elegant Jewellery - Gothic Jewellery how rad are these?