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Piper really is the world's okayest gf

Percy talked about Jason doing this in Greek heroes! Also I would totally do this if Izzy or my brother lost their glasses like this

Hahahaha Art by: Cindersart.tumblr.com omg this is not percy jackson appropriate lol

Resultado de imagen de pjo hoo fan art I love all of their faces. Nico is in awe and frank is like 'what the heck' and Jason, Percy, and Leo look horrified

What happened after the last book<< I dare the next person to pin this to add something to the description

Rick totally should've had this all happen! Leo & Calypso meeting the rest of the group, Percy coming home, including Frazel in the books more and also including more about how happy everyone was that Percy and Annabeth got back from from Tartarus.

Heroes of Olympus - Poison, sorry for the curse word, but this is such a great comic

MADE MY DAY HAHAHA (The best part was 'Loish Laaane' and singing the Star Wars theme)<<<< I love the "M glad he missed, Nico's mah friend. My scrawpy friend?

Jason find out [Chronology of a Friendship] by ILYONE pt3 1

Jason find out [Chronology of a Friendship] by ILYONE Percy Is too nice to let someone think it's their fault XD and look where it got him