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a friend stops by, and helps out, by feeding the chickens at Rose cottages and gardens

I'd have chickens - fresh eggs!

#chickens #chickenmom ❤️ Pinned by: www.smithgoldsmith.com

#chickens #chickenmom ❤️ Pinned by: www.smithgoldsmith.com

Malphi dress

~ A Country Life ~ Picking berries.

.I used to sit on our fence like this and pretend that it was the horse I always wanted.  In my imagination I rode it all over the countryside.

Home Tour: An Eco-Friendly Cottage in Portland

an idyllic, quiet country life

What a beautiful picture of Summertime Chickens! Yep! Love chickens!!!

Back yard Chickens I see one thing missing from this scene. It's the hens scratching favorite plants out of the ground as they dig a pit in the dirt to dust themselves. The downside of having free range hens!

Rew Elliott: Chickie, Chickie: Toves Sammensurium

♥Gathering eggs in pointy toed shoes.

I ll Leave books and poems. Because in the filed to the shepherd with no worries the wind is singing most beautiful songs S.

Andavo nell'orto a raccogliere i piselli con la nonna, poi li sgusciavo.

Reminds me of shelling peas & snapping beans with my grandma when I was a kid.

love it

Chickens hard at work

~ freckled hen farmhouse ~

looks like our chicken named Derek❤

"The Rope Swing" (2007), by American artist - Robert Duncan (1952 - )

"The Rope Swing" by American artist - Robert Duncan - )


Momma had chickens and a fine rooster. It was a joy spending the night at her house and waking up to the beautiful sound of her rooster crowing!

Deciding what to raise on your homestead or backyard farm involves taking inventory of your resources and yourself. This guides you through 15 critical considerations, such as climate, soil, existing ecosystems, lay of the land, storage space, market research, what you like to eat,  and your own ability to deal with livestock illness, injury, and death. Plenty of resources and photos!

What To Raise On Your Homestead or Backyard Farm -

Deciding what to raise on your homestead or farm involves inventorying your resources & yourself. This guides you through 15 critical considerations.

Summer project: A beautiful way to display your garden and plants in the backyard!

Pathways Design Ideas for Home and Garden

Great for a new garden look! Add this wooden vertical gardening to your backyard fence! -- vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence. Another perfect way to grow strawberries!

Instructions on making your own headless Halloween Pictures! Nice...I thought this scary kiddie photography shit went out with the 20th century!

Backyard Farming - how to make headless Halloween pics with digital camera & photo editing software

These four urban farming business plans show how you can start a gardening business in your backyard and earn a profit on a half acre or less. Learn which customers to target, the most profitable vegetables to grow, and how to design the most efficient planting system.

Urban Backyard Farming for Profit - Organic Gardening

In this excerpt from The Urban Farmer, courtesy of New Society Publishers, Curtis Stone offers an innovative approach to urban backyard farming for profit — one that doesn’t require starting with …