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Madonna was the queen of the 80's! She was my absolute favorite & her True Blue tour was my 1st concert (thanks Mom!)

And there is the Madonna bow.my pink chiffon scarf lasted for a very, very long time and was very useful for dressups.

madonna rubber bracelet

How to Get Madonna’s Timeless Look

Loved this look. Judge away...

Miniature Material Girl: Lourdes Leon is a copycat of mother Madonna in midriff-baring shirt and see-through skirt

This is a picture of Madonna. Madonna shot to fame in the early 1983. Her looks symbolized controlled sexuality. He looks also challenged cliches of the time period.

Madonna: 1985 - Madonna through her 53 years

Picture: Madonna in 'Desperately Seeking Susan.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Madonna featuring 26 pictures.

Festas dos anos 50, 60, 70 e 80: história, como se vestir e dicas de roupas…

Festas dos anos 50, 60, 70 e 80: história, como se vestir e dicas de roupas, fantasias e decoração

Madonna She allowed French TV host Michel Drucker to interview her in her L. home in Madonna 1980 and Guy Madonna 1980 Pict.

Madonna, around the time she was just becoming the most famous person in the world.

Madonna, became extremely popular in the She was known for her stage performances and was highly sexualized. She was often seen wearing fingerless gloves- sexualizing the women's hand.