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Desfragmenta - Projeto liberdade - igualdade

Desfragmenta - Projeto liberdade - igualdade

Sophia Stewart, The Real Creator of ‘The Matrix', Wins Lawsuit | Africanglobe.net

Minority business programs came to life as a requirement of the Civil Rights Act of From the start White-owned businesses began to pos

Martin Luther King- This child grew up to change history for the cause of equality and freedom for millions of Americans. Let us nurture our children.

A young Martin Luther King Jr. He was born Michael King, Jr., but changed his name to Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was a teen.

Shepard Fairey’s inauguration posters may define political art in Trump era

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♥ Our daughters, our grand-daughters, our nieces, it is they that will live in the future we allow. Republicans are destroying the very foundation of a respectable and modern society. Get off your butt and vote.

GOP wants to define rape… again: How Lindsey Graham reawakened the ghost of Todd Akin

Beautiful America- this little girl can dress how she wants; is encouraged to get a higher education and be her own woman when she grows up and will be able to accomplish these things as long as Sharia Law is kept out of America.

Imgur Post - Imgur

Imgur Post - Imgur

"Eight years ago, the artist Shepard Fairey made the iconic image that captured a period of HOPE in America. Today we are in a very different moment, one that requires new images that reject the hate, fear, and open racism."

Shepard Fairey Promotes Hope and Diversity With Inauguration Protest Posters

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