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If I am having a bad day I can just turn on one of their videos and I will instantly feel better. Thanks dan and phil❤️>> True!

What the heck actual Daniel James Howell. Why. I'm so confused about what you're doh but with life like what.

I don't think I can trust the conversation, but what the fuck Dan…also nearly half of the Phandom are FBI level stalkers

Drake and Juice.

Drake & Josh on

Drake and Josh. Drake and Juice. Pin it if you remember this episode!

I don't ship them I just think that they would look cute together and if they are friends I love their friendship.

I think they're fab friends, and I wouldn't wanna speculate too much but it could always be something like a queer-platonic relationship tbh but I dunno I'm no expert and I don't know them so

Hold up

We were playing volleyball at church last week; someone mentioned *insert fandom here* and I almost missed the ball!

Troyler! OMG!  OTP! It's real! @Tyler Oakley

Okay okay 'The Boyfriend Tag' with Troyler// Tyler Oakley && Troye Sivan ! // Any video they do is hilarious but if I had to choose oneeeee!

Uh definitely

I am not in school and i"m already married but this made me die laughing!

Phil looks like a dissapointed parent while Dan's just trying to give the finger back XD

their faces tho dan is like 'meh, haters gonna hate.' and then phil's all 'RUDE' and then dan's hand holding the bottle is sticking up the finger and Phil looks like he's scolding his child.