Projeto LUZ NAS VIELAS pelo Boa Mistura em São Paulo.  "Projeto de arte urbana participativa na Vila Brasilândia, um dos bairros pobres da periferia de São Paulo. A intervenção centra-se na "becos" e "vielas", caminhos sinuosos que são os verdadeiro articuladores da vida interna da comunidade. Dividimos com os moradores a transformação do seu ambiente."   +

A São Paulo shanty town has been the scene of an inspiring intervention, as Spanish collective BOA MISTURA created a colourful street-side art project to highlight positive values shared by inhabitants.

Things Change - Jo Peel 2012 by Jo Peel. A 3 week painting condensed into a 3 minute animation. This is a short story told on a big wall at Village Underground in Shoreditch, London


100 of the most beloved Street Art Photos in 2012 - Part 2

Smear Campaign: Guerrilla Artist Remixes Adverts with Acid  Vermibus takes posters then employs solvents to remake each surface in his studio, dissolving inks and colors already there and reusing materials from each de facto ‘canvass’ to make something new.

Smear Campaign: Guerrilla Artist Remixes Adverts with Acid

Boa Miistura_the best thing about working on the streets is the direct contact with the people. on the street you create a direct dialog between the artist and the city, without segmentation.

Anamorphic Painted wall with typography

Spanish art collective Boa Mistura and its participatory street art project in Brazil, "Luz nas Vielas" (Light in the Alleyways). The group invited children to paint positive words like ‘love’ and ‘pride’ along the alleys of Vila Brasilianda, a shanty town in Sao Paulo. Love it :)

Optical illusions in the streets of Sao Paulo. The graffiti group Boamistura brought back to.

"Think" in Zaragoza by the Spanish street art collective Boa Mistura. 2012.

Tattoed hearts, Mexican skulls based on matters like love, life and death, are the starting point of this series of murals that we made some streets of Zaragoza.


Stop:Watch - It's just more fun when you take a closer look What Tineke Meirink, Illustrator and Photographer "sees"

Le surprenant alphabet du photographe Christian Stoll, dans des scénographies anamorphiques, m'interpelle. Ce rouge ressortant sur le fond gris me plaît, comme d'habitude.

E is a collective set of photographs that was taken by Christian Stoll. These weren’t altered inPhotoshop or other image editing program