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Outspoken resident urban faerie contributor Eleina Fae sets the record straight on the modern genie, in la Vie Sirene today:.

MARID  (pronounced MAA–rid) Large and imposing, the marid are considered the most powerful tribe of jinn. They are the classic genies of folklore, often portrayed as barrelchested men with booming voices.

MARID (pronounced MAA–rid) Large and imposing, the marid are considered the most powerful tribe of jinn. They are the classic genies of folklore, often portrayed as barrelchested men with booming voices.

Genie lamp pattern. Use the printable outline for crafts, creating stencils, scrapbooking, and more. Free PDF template to download and print at http://patternuniverse.com/download/genie-lamp-pattern/

Use the printable outline for crafts, creating stencils…

Το Σύμπαν δεν είναι το τζίνι που θα σου δώσει κάτι που δεν σου ανήκει.

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So: Currently on the Hunt for bottles like this: I have a pin where I can create the glow!

DIY Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Bottles. Step the jar with water step break the glow stick and pour it into the water Step add pink sparkles and DONE!

By Lissa Treiman

Super Punch: Art inspired by Neil Gaiman's American Gods. style depicting new gods of electronica fascination.

Except for being trapped inside a bottle/lamp, I'd find it absolutely amazing to be a genie! Gotta luv those oriental, magical creatures The only thi. Genie in a bottle