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I walk in my gardens on a July evening, admiring the lush green that abounds in midsummer. The bee balm is chest high and near blooming, the lavender, catnip, and oregano are in full flower; the sage, rosemary, thyme, and basil are growing tender new leaves almost daily; and the peppermint and lemon balm are spreading prodigiously.

Herbal Remedies Tips and Links

Rosemary / Lemon Balm / Bee Balm / Oregano / Peppermint / Catnip / Thyme / Lavender / Sage The Medicinal Mint Family Herbal Remedies - Herbal Academy of New England

More Garden Containers You Never Thought Of… • Tons of Tips & Ideas! Including this vertical garden made from old rain gutters!

More Unique Garden Containers You Never Thought Of

Reuse re-purpose old rain gutters as planters. Reuse a vintage laundry wash tub to catch the run-off and re-circulate

Garden Trellises by debbrap  My peas deserve better than splintering old tomato stakes this year...

From Brian Everett: I built the trellises from simple cedar boards and wire cabling. They worked perfectly! (Plants front to back: sweet pea vine, clematis, pinata rose. trellis made from cedar boards + wire cabling

Informações sobre horta vertical de temperos. Temperos indicados e cuidados. Pela altura do teu pé direito, eu imagino que tu consiga alcançar esse tempo de incidência solar, o que tu me diz?

Horta de Temperos

Many herbs are pretty and even go nicely in a flower garden! You can also grow a lot of herbs indoors. Here's a list of a few of the easiest herbs to grow.


The Art Of Up-Cycling: DIY Greenhouses, Build A Green House From Windows, Doors and A Little Imagination.

All-Purpose Flower: Using Old Windows Wisely

little greenhouse.old windows & concrete blocks. Old windows work awesome in the garden.

The Top 10 Gardening Trends for 2014

The Top 10 Gardening Trends for 2014

Underplanting with alyssum = great way to lure more pollinators to the veggie garden, smells wonderful too. just give me a ripe tomato right about now!

5. Set up a strawberry tower in your backyard. - Top 20 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made With PVC Pipes

Top 20 Low-Cost DIY Gardening Projects Made With PVC Pipes

DIY Strawberry Towers - put a smaller PVC pipe, with small holes drilled in it, down the center of the bigger pipe to water more evenly all the way to the bottom.

Bamboo Trellis - Thehomesteadsurvival

Lashed trellis/ great to do to start your vines growing and i just bought a jasmine vine for my back yard to smell while swimming or just layin in the sun!

Cool idea.....Love it..will try this soon

How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet

Herb garden made from a pallet. I’m not a pallet enthusiast but I can see this thriving on our Summer Deck. Consider for 2013 season. Herb garden made from a…