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When you try to take a step forward in life

When you TRY & take a step forward in life w/o seeking God's way; His provisions. oh my goodness LOL don't do it, His ways prosper us; they lead us into life & living more abundantly.

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Some of the best Mormon Memes on the Internet

Will Ferrell So you say, Have you thought maybe you're boring because you need alcohol for your dull personality ? I'm boring because I don't drink or go clubbing? A Natural High naturally funny guy, Boom Nailed It Will February 2015

Get thee hence Satan

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Lol #likeagoodneighbor #likeagoodsavior by epicchristianmemes

I'm gonna this one early since there are some sinners out there that be cropping out our name and adding their own. Jesus is watching. by epicchristianmemes