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If my kilt offends you.....

12 Reasons Women Love Men in Kilts

Liam Neeson in the exact same kilt, by the exact same tree, in the exact same pose, as Tom Baker.  Hmmmmmm…. well, there IS no such word as "can't"...

How to piss off a Scot

Actor Liam Neeson as Scottish hero and legend in his lifetime, Rob Roy McGregor wearing his tartan well. Love this movie!

Scottish Pride! My husband "is" a direct decendent of Mary Queen of Scotts.

I was once told by a bagpiper that the correct answer to the question, "What do you wear under your kilt?" (if asked by a woman) is, "Lend me your hand, Lassie, and don't be afeared.

Hot men in kilts A Fashion Forward Friday.

Catwalk fashion at the National Wedding Show 2012

[Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?! #Kilts #Irish #StPattysDay]  ...  Kilts 'take 2'  ;)

Having run out of Cabers the men were not going to give up on the tossing competition so easily.