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"Janela Indiscreta"

"Janela Indiscreta"

So adorable...I'm in love!

What a face! This site has some of the most beautiful photos of Westies ever!

How cute are these?  Silicone paw print glasses - easy to take with you and non-breakable.  Plus, your purchase will feed 10 shelter cats.  That's pawsitively awesome!

Shatterproof Watercolor Paw Silicone Wine Cups (set of 2)

Shatterproof Watercolor Paw Silicone Wine Cups (set of - feeds 5 shelter dogs ~ FOR PETS

My first Bichon Frise...Leonard. He's quite the "poser". (Notice he's near a porch window...because he's on patrol!)

My first Bichon Frise. He's quite the "poser". (Notice he's near a porch window.because he's on patrol!

FCI Breed Standard: Bolognese Dog

The FCI Breed Standard is the official standard of the Bolognese dog.

Kenyan Braised Collard Greens and Ground Beef (Sukuma Wiki) - Skinnytaste.com. Might sub in ground lamb instead.

This reminds me of my husband's farm he grew up on. There was always a lamb in the barn with dozens of sheep grazing on hay.

Top Ten Italian Dog Breeds | ITALY Magazine

Top Ten Italian Dog Breeds

Bolognese dog is a small breed of dog of the Bichon type, originating in Italy.

The Bolognese may look like the Bichon Frise, but its personality is rather different. Less boisterous and outgoing than its fluffy white cousin, the Bolognese is slightly more reserved around the house. However, it forms very strong bonds with family members and welcomes strangers with a calm dignity.

Bolognese is a new dog breed. Could have chosen a better name, sounds like spaghetti sauce.