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Apples Demystified.  Sweetest at the top and most tart down low. Fuji is the one at the top that was cut off.  #apples  #traderjoes  #tjexperience  #flavorscale
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Oh boy...not your mother's apple pie!  :-)  Must find time to try!!!
Inextricably linked by name* and geometry**, Pi and Pie go hand in hand. So, in honor of National Pi (π) Day – 3/14 – trader Joes offers easy hand pie recipes using Trader Joe’s pre-made-from-scratch (using real butter) Frozen Pie Crusts
Apple pie might seem like a simple, classic all-American dessert, but it can be as complex and dastardly as the most elaborate French mille-crepes cake. Here are 5 common errors, and how to troubleshoot.
This refreshing cocktail features crisp apple cider, bourbon and warm cinnamon with a hint of Rosemary – a perfect holiday drink! | http://homemaderecipes.com/holiday-event/23-best-holiday-drink-recipes/
Holiday Sangria: 1 bottle malbec wine (or another full bodied red)-  1/2 cup bourbon whisky-  1/2 cup pure apple juice-  1/2 apple, sliced-  1//2 orange, sliced- 1 plum, sliced (look for a juicy ripe one)- 1/2 pear, sliced  (look for a juicy ripe one)- 1 cinnamon stick.  Cut all your fruit in equal sizes slices and drop into the bottom of a pitcher or glass jug. Add a cinnamon stick. Add rest, stir. Cover and chill. Serve cold or room temp.  Garnish with cinnamon sticks.
Cider Mule 1| The Missing Lokness
Bom dia!     O vermelho, ah o vermelho, é para alegrar, amar, apaixonar, energizar , apimentar, aquecer e vibrar como o sangue que nos faz...