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Demand that Facebook suspend the accounts of people who promote canned hunting or advertise animals to be hunted for money.

There are several people and organizations that promote and sell large endangered land mammals to be hunted in canned signatures on petition)

Only 97 Left In The World.  Let's save them!

Vaquita Porpoise Faces Imminent Extinction—Can It Be Saved? Drastic measures are needed to rescue vaquitas in the Gulf of California.

“I have sailed in unison with orca, and my vessel has been courted by loggerhead turtles and manatees. And I have watched White-tailed Tropicbirds dance the dance of love upon a Bahamian sky.”

Water, orca, sky and white clouds all contribute to a beautiful picture

Save the last 300 elephants of Mali

Save the last 300 desert elephants in Mali! Poachers are wiping out the last herds of this beautiful species. Tell the government of Mali to act and protect these elephants!

Take Action: An Incredibly Rare Subspecies of Wolf is Inching Closer to Extinction - Help Push for an Urgent Recovery Plan!

Take Action: An Incredibly Rare Subspecies of Wolf is Inching Closer to Extinction - Help Push for an Urgent Recovery Plan! - The Rainforest Site

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Blacktip Reef Shark - females are pregnant for 9 months or more, like mammals, making them vulnerable to overfishing

Sign language processed by brain in same language areas as spoken or written languages

‘It validates what we’ve been saying’: Research by Dal prof shows brain processes sign language like spoken languages

Global Recipe Salmon, grilled avacado, lemon and lime blueberry jam

I am passionate about marine animal conservation and a member of my middle school’s environmental club. Through the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, I learned that since 2011, hundreds of sea lions in the Columbia River at the Bonneville Dam have been branded, captured and killed over the last few...

Several sea lions trapped in Astoria at the moment for branding, urine samples, and blood samples. Unknown at this time if any are going to be killed Count so far this season: 9 killed, 1 sent to Shedd aquarium.

Counting whales from a ship or a plane has always been difficult, but now scientists may have a new option: using images from space. Using space images broadens the viewpoint  —...

Scientists Can Now Track Whales From Space

Join me and help protect the East Coast from oil and gas drilling. Please sign and share petition~