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Wood Sofa 18 by Bae Se Hwa

Young Korean designer Bae Se Hwa creates sculptural furniture pieces crafted from warped wood.

UP CHAIR by Tonon | design Martin Ballendat

I liked the interesting combination of materials in this chair. Beautiful shape to the wooden arm sections. Trestle-based Freeform advanced easy chair UP CHAIR

Paul Loebach's Watson table, which was shown at Carwan Gallery, has double-helix legs and is made of wood and carbon fiber.

Paul Loebach’s Watson table, which was shown at Carwan Gallery, has double-helix legs and is made of wood and carbon fiber.

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Details we like / Chair / Wood / Grey / Soft Surface / Handmade /at Hiroshima Chair I Naoto Fukasawa dining chair

For the Guatemalan brand Piegatto, designer Alejandro Estrada has imagined “The Pipo Chair” : a plywood chair which curves and different layers wave in an elegant way. 29 wooden strands were cut from only two pieces of plywood to build these chairs available in several colors.

Wooden Curving Chair

The Pipo Chair, produced for sale by Guatemalan manufacturer Piegatto, was imagined to utilize wood as the sole material for the entire design.


Female Form Furniture - I absolutely love this anthropomorphic chair designed by Sergio Gill. The funky chair which made it to the IWF Design Emphasis Competition, resembl.


Here Arad has again used the fluid repetitive lines to create this stainless steel chair. The smooth curves of the design are inviting. // Solid Rocker by Ron Arad

Hamper Sofa from Passoni Nature

Hamper Sofa from Passoni Nature

SOFA: Hamper by Arturo Montanelli and Ezio Riva. Visible frame consists of fourteen solid wood slats in a parallel formation, resembling the shape of a hamper. This structure holds the upholstered seat, back and arms.

Furniture Design

The Barca bench by Jacob Joergensen, was a Gold Leaf winner for innovation at the IFDA (International Furniture Design Competition Asahikawa). Barca, design by Jacob Joergensen

Rocking chair

"When I sit back in my rocking chair someday, I want to be able to say I've done it all" - DOLLY PARTON - (Modern white rocking chair. Photo by Chris Court)

Consigue un estilo único en tu hogar u oficina con esta silla plegable  by Tacchini Italia Forniture | Patrick Norguet


Fabric lounge chair ATOLL by Tacchini Italia Forniture, design Patrick Norguet. remind anyone else of a certain pokemon, or is it just me?