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cy-lindric: “ Genderswapped marauders getting ready for some muggle party night in front of the mirror - give up on this, fem!James, your hair will never be any good. And a fringe for Sirius.

Hufflepuff crest -- Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are basically the same, right?  If you already know your Hogwarts home, here is your corresponding Middle Earth race...   You are a hobbit.  You live next to the kitchen and enjoy the good things in life, but when the going gets tough, you step up...   Famous Hufflepuffs;:  Bilbo, Fredo, and Samwise the Brave  -  Harry Potter images are from Pottermore.wikia.com.  -  Harry Potter images are from Pottermore.wikia.com.

Your Middle Earth Race, Based on Your Hogwarts House

James Potter y el mapa del merodeador - Adiós Brooke

I love Draco but not because of what he did in the series. I love him for the man we saw him grow into in The Cursed Child and even in 19 Years Later.