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Resultado de imagem para white twilek

Sketch (that turned into a full drawing) of a Twilek Inquisitor for the coming game Star Wars: the Old Republic, that Im thinking of crea.

Carh'laa Stargazer Twi lek Jedi SWTOR by Aliens-of-Star-Wars on DeviantArt

Carh’laa Stargazer a wonderful Twi'lek a commission by she is a wonderful artist, her work is superb too. bio: Carh’laa was.

Darth Talon

Jul 12 = Darth Talon - Twi'lek Sith Lady who served Darth Krayt as one of his two Hands, or enforcers. She also briefly served as Cade Skywalker's Sith Master before Cade renounced the One Sith.

Kol Kerz-Tak

Kol Kerz-Tak

Notice you always see images of Sith handing the Jedi their Hats.I'd love to see a Bad-Ass Jedi for once.

Han Solo

Four Notorious Fugitives Who Were Caught — And One Who’s Still At Large

One of the first reveals from Fantasy Flight Games' new Star Wars roleplaying game (Edge of the Empire), this is one of the character design/ chapter pl. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Sasha