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Daniela Sofia) + Vladimir Ovtcharov Sofia) met in the attending college In Sofia, Bulgaria;

"Brid, the great mother goddess of Ireland, represents fertility, childbirth, power, creativity and inspiration. Also known as Brighid, Brigit and Bride, she is credited as a protectress and guardian of children; also a Goddess of fire, the sun, music and medicine. "  This image copyright © Jessica Galbreth 2002.

One of the triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. She is the daughter of The Dagda, the All Father of the Tuatha de Danann, one of the most ancient people of Northern Europe. Some say there are actually three Brighids

In this image, we see Brigid offering us her sacred fire —  The fire of creativity that brings forth poetry, music, and art; The fire in the...

A beautiful painting by Joanna Powell Colbert, representing Goddess Brigid, as we celebrate our day today - February, Candlemas/ Imbolc Day.

'Crazy P' by Tom Fedro to view the full 'Tom Fedro' range visit www.themodernartgallery.co.uk

'Crazy P' by Tom Fedro to view the full 'Tom Fedro' range visit…