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É época de jabuticaba.

É época de jabuticaba.

mushrooms on moss.

awesome mushrooms on moss-I would say the fairies would love to jump on these.a game o.

Brazilian Grape Tree (also known as Jabuticaba) does not use branches to grow fruits. It grows fruits (and flowers) directly on the trunk. And is delicious!

The fruit grows out of the trunk! Jaboticaba or Brazilian Grape Tree, native to Central and South America. These grow in the Phoenix area, and they sell them at Tropica Mango.



Reflejos en el agua

The Pristine Piuva Tree Of Brazil.As if Brazil didn’t already have a lot to offer, how about adding a stunning purple tree to the mix?

Jabuticaba – The Tree that Fruits on its Trunk

Jabuticaba – The Tree that Fruits on its Trunk

Jabuticaba – The Brazilian Grape Tree. The Jaboticaba is purple-black and looks similar to grapes. They grow directly from the trunk of the Jaboticaba tree. The taste is very sweet, aromatic and has a please grape flavor.

Koh Ker tower tree, Cambodia

Koh Ker tower tree, Angkor Wat, Cambodia Nature will eventually reclaim the Earth.

Falling  Wood sheds

Only at the end of the winter are the “walls” of the woodshed burned as firewood.( perfect for the cabin)

Cherrypaw and nutpaw secret forest were she can escape and be her self. Only she knows about it.

Buttress roots of looking-glass mangrove in Yanbaru jungle, Okinawa, Japan by Ippei Janine Naoi

Beautiful Tree

Beech Ponthus is one of the oldest and of the most magnificent trees of Broceliande - Brittany, France by philippe MANGUIN photographies

Beautiful Fall Tree

Beautiful fall tree in the park. Can you imagine the stories this tree could tell?/ such a gorgeous big tree