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There are different degrees of stupidity. The cross has the totem pole beat.

The Sophistication Of Religion

As an atheist looking in from the outside this is what religion looks like. People laughing and disagreeing with one another over their beliefs. As Peter Berger said "All religions cannot be true, so none of them must be true.

Trump – Beware on Behance:

I remember hearing about a tabloid headline earlier this year of "Trump is the Antichrist", after the Pope criticised him for being 'un-christian.' Thought that would be fun illustration to visualise and this was the result.

Love. There's nothing in this world more amazing. But as these gleefully dark and whimsical comics remind us, there's also nothing more painful.

15 Dark Comics By Gypsie Raleigh That’ll Make You Think

la cadena de los vicios

¿Por qué es tan difícil liberase de los vicios?

Calvin’s Commentary: I hate cigarettes. I do not smoke! I don’t like being anywhere in the same area where people are smoking.

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"The King" Steve Cutts is a London-based illustrator and animator who uses powerful images to criticize the sad state of society.

Enquanto isso em um universo paralelo

Enquanto isso, em um universo paralelo

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Why is it always a pig in these posters. ^pigs are some of the smartest animals and theyre some of the most frequently abused