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Glue gun stencil on fabric - this would be so fun for totes, t-shirts & so much more!

a design with hot glue onto wax paper. glue stencil from wax paper. glue stencil on fabric and lightly spray with fabric spray paint.

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38 Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Make With A Glue Gun

Watermark T-Shirt Dying DIY    watermark t-shirt dying -- Elmers School Glue as the resist... Done this! Lots of fun!    1. wet garment under faucet with cool water & slide board in between layers to separate  2. draw on design with gel glue [i googled & printed out this butterfly outline, put the page in a freezer bag, slipped it underneath the sh

20 Diy t-shirt art ideas

Watermark T-Shirt Dying DIY watermark t-shirt dying -- Elmers School Glue as the resist. I'll have to try this with tie dye

How to fix a Bleach spot.

How to fix a Bleach spot

T-shirt with Bleached Names--Supplies needed are bleach, spray bottle, letters. Pour bleach in a spray bottle. Spray up and let it fall down to the shirt. Let it dry and peel the letters off.

elmers glue shirt

Watermark Tee Tutorial - uses Elmer's Blue Gel Glue and Rit Dye to write song lyrics, bible verses, favorite book excerpts, etc on a white t-shirt.

What a great idea!! Do you know how many things we could do with this idea?? colored paint on white shirts, or use bleach in a spray bottle on colored shirts. I may need a 2nd job to pay for my crafting habit :D

wonder if it would work with bleach reverse dying too. Would be great for a Color Run shirt!

How to use a glue gun as a printmaking tool - from artistsnetwork.com

Printmaking tools techniques for art, hot glue gun, mixed media art