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An Update and Revisit With Daehyun Kim

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• 시간에(의) 직면, Face the whole(Martini) - moonassi

시간에(의) 직면, Face the whole(Martini) 2011 / x Marker and pen on the paper by Daehyun Kim

I love these melan­choly and sur­real works, made more mys­te­ri­ous by the sheer vol­ume that Dae­hyun has pro­duced. The more he pro­duces, the more con­text I am given. The more con­text I’m given, the more con­fused (but intrigued) that I find myself. I don’t think these are all a dream, but some sort of play on our sub­con­scious and the per­cep­tion of reality.

Daehyun Kim & the Moonassi Drawing Series

Korean illustrator and artist Daehyun Kim aka Moonassi creates beautiful dreamlike - surreal black and white illustrations.

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Daehyun Kim’s Drawings

Boris Schmitz Portfolio : Foto

Boris Schmitz Portfolio : Foto

Boris Schmitz Portfolio

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