I remember having such fun with these colorful beach balls!

If there was a breeze you had to chase them miles along the beach.

We had fun making pompoms as kids - wouldn't have a clue how to do it now!

Making pom poms - I remember going around our neighbourhood and knocking on people's doors (totally irritating, I imagine) asking if they had any spare wool so I could go home and spend hours making pompous!

Years before Mary Tyler Moore became TV's iconic modern independent woman, Marlo Thomas captured American hearts as quirky single gal Ann Marie on the hit series THAT GIRL. From 1966 to 1971, the char

That GIrl- Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie, an aspiring actress in New York city. Her outfits were divine.

catching tadpoles

Spring was the time to catch tadpoles. We kids went out back to the pond behind my grandmother's house and catch tadpoles in jars. When they grew too big for the jars, we let them go back into the pond.

we always had these in the house at Christmas.

blast I remember this stuff, it was the best hard candy besides the hard tack candy my family makes!

These tasted just like orange candy....but I loved the beautiful little bottle too...lol!! ..b♡

years of taking orange flavored baby aspirins during childhood illnesses. Is it any wonder why I hate orange-flavored food items and beverages that cause a gag reflex.