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Yoga: The New Career Path For Corporate Execs

The celebrated poet, thinker and philosopher Cuban Jose Marti used to say that “Children are the hope of the world” . Maybe it ‘s not a very original sentence, but is correct. A child is a gift and drop a sea of the future. Therefore, it is important to educate them so that they are self-sufficient. You are able to imagine a future full [...]

You change the oil in your car every 10,000 kilometers traveled, going to the doctor for a checkup once a year, it makes cleaning the teeth every six months and in April makes the tax return is not truth? Or should, do not you? So if you have responsibility in all these aspects of your [...]

Top 100 Hardest Bodyweight Exercises of All Time and How You Can Master Them - including 4 instructional videos demonstrating how to master the most effective bodyweight exercises.

Did this with Hudson tonight-doesnt get much better than this - Bedtime Yoga for Kids for a Good Night’s Sleep

"You're listening to your intuition." These were the words I heard recently from a mentor and for once in my life, I finally believed it. What finally lead me to this place

Luminara® Fragrance Cartridges - White Pine and Balsam

Luminara Fragrance Pod Cartridges - White Pine and Balsam

At times of stress, anxiety or panic, learning breathing & calming techniques is key to grounding. The 5 Count Breathing technique is a simple easy to remember, easy to master calming strategy.

Gratitude, comprehensively, is when we recognize the gifts that life gives us when we pay or recognition for an action or benefit received when we feel grateful and thankful. This feeling is accompanied by other nobles and also provides a state of positivism that creates confidence in the process of life for us to provide a [...]

Ayurvedic Detox Water Recipe Promotes Healthy Body* Clear Skin* Weight Loss and Flat Belly* Anti-Aging

7 calorie torching kettlebell moves {hiit workout}

torch calories while simultaneously strengthening your entire body with this killer kettlebell workout. do it reps + sets style or amrap style; either way its an effective, high intensity wo (Wod Workouts)