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Flexão do risco

crocodile -- good info and pics Diet and Feeding Mechanism Because C. acutus is long-snouted, even for a crocodile, it is presumed to feed primarily on fish;

No way. That horse is fearless

horse crossing Oh my gosh! I wouldn't cross that on my own! amazing horse and rider

I feel like jumping from the top of the world so much

Panoramic photo of a BASE jump - Source: Krystle Wright / Caters News Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia FUN!

Red Bull Illume 2007, playground, Vitek Ludvik. #MeetTheMoment

Category Finalist Playground Photographer: Vitek Ludvik Athlete: Tommy Brunner Location: Haines, AK, USA [the kind of skiing I will never do.

You don't need all the fancy equipment to commune with nature.  Try using just the basics and really enjoy the simplicity of it all.

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Vertical, Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington, Tasmania Australia

A man stands atop the Organ Pipes at Mt Wellington, Tasmania, Australia The Organ Pipes are a geological structure made up of towering columns of rock. The towers were formed during the Jurassic period when Tasmania broke off from Antarctica.

You look a little short on rocks to grab, I'll throw you some--in your face!  (Cheeky goat) ;)

Austria "Stubborn goat" Love this. Please watch falling rocks and goats. Reminded me of the mountain goats in grecce

Come on! The view is amazing

This restaurant is in China. If you manage to make it to the restaurant the food is free.Let me know how the food is. I'm not going.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans  Actually got to stay in a hotel overlooking the street

Bourbon Street is located in the heart of the French Quarter neighborhood in New Orleans, LA.

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It encompasses just feeling the amazing things around you. Feel a spot with all of your senses.

Svolværgeita, Lofoten Islands, Norway                                                                                                                                                      More

Something NO ONE in my family should ever attempt since we trip on flat surfaces! Rock Jumping, Norway photo via besttravelphotos

"All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking."  -Friedrich Nietzsche #hikerchick #activechick

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