tons of great homemade gift ideas, including a Harry Potter wand!

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these are just paper and hot glue! yep, make your own wizard wands - so cool! - - Make an awesome Harry Potter wand from a sheet of paper and glue gun glue

Harry Potter Inspired Hogwarts A History Kindle by CustomizeMeAz

Harry Potter Inspired - Hogwarts A History Kindle Fire Leather Case. If only I had a kindle fire.

Didn't know which board to put this on, but I want

Harry Potter heels - I want these shoes! I need these shoes! I think I can make these shoes!

It will never be just a story, it'll be the greatest story ever told and that's why it'll live in our hearts forever.

My fantasy dinner party seating chart has a permanent place setting reserved for JK Rowling. I wish I could tell her how important Harry and his world will always be to my son and in ours.Best books EVER!

Is 40 too young to have this kind of     party? :)

If anyone loves me, they will throw me a Harry Potter themed next year :) - 20 Harry Potter Party Ideas - Centsational Girl

harry potter nursery  lumos nox light switch I am Sirius-ly in love with this! (On HP fans will get it)

Harry Potter Lumos Nox Light Switch Plate by kayleighm on Etsy; a light switch for the Harry Potter geek like me

harry potter snitch necklace $24

Harry Potter Golden Snitch necklace with Swarovski crystal Steampunk. This website has so much Harry Potter paraphernalia! OMG my nerd is showing!

How to make a Harry Potter howler invitation. #wedding #HarryPotter #Hogwarts #nerdy

HARRY POTTER PARTY IDEAS: Harry Potter Howler invitation, Harry Potter Halloween Party ideas, creative and unique invitation ideas, hubby just said it could be used for a bachelor party invitation or when addressing an issue with a roommate.