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And if the music is good - you dance!

dance your way through spring and get that beach bum you always dream of if the music is good you dance. or if you're drunk enough or grabbed by your nan and the music is bad you dance anyway

Take more chances, dance mor dances.

Here is a collection of great dance quotes and sayings. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance.

Old souls.☮ New Orleans, Louisiana kids.because i am one old soul.hippies for life ;

Corra e Medite: O que é Vipassana?

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O que significa para você aquela música que costumamos cantar quando a aurora começava a raiar. Ou quando esquecíamos do tempo e apre...

"Yellow" by Coldplay. I thought this was a beautiful picture I don't know why. Love this song and these lyrics

dance dance dance

And if the music is not so good, you dance ANYWAY. Because you like to dance. Because life is dance-worthy. Because dancing takes your breath away. ALWAYS

Sometimes Music!

At the moment music is the only thing that's keeping all of my thoughts together. The only thing keeping my mind from screaming. When the music stops all of the thoughts come flooding back