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I believe my jaguar came into my life during the time of my molestation. to aide me in strength and now to heal and refind myself. thank you Jaguar.

The Jaguar and Panther is South America's equivalent of North America's Puma or Cougar.


I have the eye of the tiger. I’ve fought my way to where I am today and i will continue to do so for the rest of my life. The best things in life takes time. Be patient and the beauty in life will.

Big Cats, Tigers

Leopard @✔ b l a c k w h i t e

tiger-princess: kingdom of animals: Vienne la Nuit Sonne l’Heure. (via imgTumble)


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Mama tiger holding her baby cub. The look on the tiger cub's face is priceless!

felinos selvagens - Pesquisa Google

The above image was made by on DeviantArt and is an excellent interpretation of the Chuti, a canine headed, tiger stripe.