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Wow!  You are such a pro!  Looks great! #Repost @tdiggy28  My hair straightener is better then yours #tyme #hairstraightener #curls #ombre #tymeiron #tymereview
Loving my Tyme iron it saves me time And pain plus my curls are on point
When your hair is perfect but it's to long to get it all in a selfie
Getting a chance to test drive the TYME iron!  Beautiful curls in minutes!
#Repost @glorymarrvSo I got the new round brush from TYME. Let me tell you it's Fantastic! Usually it takes me 1 hour to blow dry my hair. Today using TYME I was done in 30 minutes and my hair felt soft and smooth. No Freeze whatsoever!  Excellent products! Thank you TYME! @tymeiron @jacyndasmith
Love those first TYMER selfies!  First time with my Tyme iron. I love it! It'll take some getting used to but it makes beautiful curls.
The TYME iron is great for all hair types!  Because of its unique design when used correctly you can get the iron very close to the scalp for those shorter hairstyles.
“#Repost @beautybymh with @repostapp. ・・・ Thanks for all the sweet comments on my last post! My sister @mystylist_my does my hair , thank god I have a…”
Let us help you perfect this look.  Free one on one STYLE TYME session with every TYME Iron purchase. #StyleTYME #TYMEIRON #tymestyle #curlsinminutes #hairstyle