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5 Ways To Stand Up & Be The Church in The World's Worst Refugee Crisis Since World War II

"Home" - a poem by Warsan Shire - photo: Laith Majid cries tears of joy and relief that he and his children have made it to Europe. Photograph: Daniet Etter/New York Times/Redux /eyevine

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nobody-ma: lebanon Steve McCurry. Trying to live a normal life among the ruins

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Pre-WWII, the young nurse was assigned to one of the most infamous places – the Warsaw Ghetto. #history

The Nurse Who Saved Children From Nazis By Hiding Them In Coffins, WWII

Irena Sendler got permission to work in a Warsaw Ghetto as a plumber. She courageously smuggled babies in her tool box and carried larger children in a sack. She trained her dog to bark when Nazis were near. She saved 2500 children.


child holding his baby sister in his lap, is totally overwhelmed after a confrontation with police who arrived to demolish squatters' homes / kathmandu / nepal / photograph: reuters

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"World Refugee Day, June isn’t a date I usually mark on my calendar. But this year, I think it’s worth paying attention. Amidst all the recent news reports on Syria, one thing has been missing from the headlines – the people.

The Refugee Highway – Refugee Infographic | Communicating.Across.Boundaries

The Refugee Highway – Refugee Infographic – communicating across the boundaries of faith

The Majid family sleeping with their children in their arms in a wheat field as they waited to cross the barbed wire fence at Horgos, Serbia, into Hungary. Mauricio Lima for The New York Times Related: Overseas Press Club Photo Awards

When Macedonia closed its border to migrants last month, after declaring a state of emergency, thousands spent a night in no-man's-land. The following morning they tried to push through police lines, leading officers to fire stun grenades into the crowd. AP photographer Darko Vojinovic captured this young father's despair. In the previous three weeks 39,000 migrants had been registered as they passed through the country en route for Serbia, and then Hungary - a member of the European Union.

10 moving photos of Europe's migrant crisis

A man and boy react as they are stuck between Macedonian riot police officers and migrants during a clash near the border train station of Idomeni, Aug. Heart-Rending Photos Of Migrant Children Caught In Border Clashes