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How To Stretch Too-Tight Shoes

shoe stretcher 3 suggestions: Freezing Water in a bag, Stretching with Rubbing Alcohol & Hairdryer/Socks Method

Banish your blisters with clear gel deodorant. Decrease friction and increase your ability to dance all night.

Deodorant as Blister Preventer Make breaking shoes in less of a pain. Rub clear-gel deodorant on places that rub. No more blisters! Good to know.

How To Makeover A Pair of Shoes With Mod Podge and Fabric

How To Makeover A Pair of Shoes With Mod Podge and Fabric

How To Makeover A Pair of Shoes With Mod Podge and Fabric (minus the troublesome tack detail and enclosed toe)

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This is a guide for what clothing suits women based on their body type. Whether you're busty, curvy, straight up and down, pear shaped, etc. there are clothes for your body shape!

There are many reasons why shoes are the best, but there are also plenty of reasons why they’re kind of the worst. Shoes may bring your outfit to the next level, but they can also easily get destroyed because there’s so much wear and tear happening. From scuff marks to holes to just wearing out … Read More

25 Shoe Hacks, Tips, And Tricks Every Girl Must Know

How to stretch your shoes! ~ 31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know. (Stretch shoes: fill with ziplocs of water, put in freezer.

I love receiving beautiful flowers but I never quite knew how to arrange them...until now!

Transform ho-hum grocery store flowers into a beautiful bouquet: "A bunch of flowers at the grocery store cost the same as a box of Triscuits; Don't feel guilty for buying yourself flowers"

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7 DIY Sneakers Ideas

If you have an old pair of sneakers you want to throw away, don't do that. Today Top Dreamer will show you 20 diy makeover sneakers ideas to make your old sneakers just like new one.