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In Cammino: MACCHETTA Domenico 34ª Domenica: Cristo Re dell'Un...

And God Saw by Kent Drake depicts the crucifixion of Christ on the cross.

Mary and Jesus - Stefano Novo (1862 – 1902, Italian)

A Mother And Child Elizabeth Nourse, Cincinnati, Ohio Rediscovered this wonderful artist at the Cincinnati Art Museum today. Her painting and story intrigue me.

angel by Elvira Amrhein or  (I call it the Latosha Angel)

Elvira Amrhein, german painter, was born in 1957 in Germany. Daughter and granddaughter of artists, Elvira Amrhein’s work is deeply spiritual, intriguing and overwhelming.

La Madonna

This image illustrates and image of "Virgin" Mary to illustrate the abstinence only works % of the time, like condoms. When in reality abstinence, and God have nothing to do with abstinence, but by choice.

Gesù viene consolato nel Getzemani

Christ in Gethsemane religion Carl Heinrich Bloch art for sale at Toperfect gallery. Buy the Christ in Gethsemane religion Carl Heinrich Bloch oil painting in Factory Price. All Paintings are Satisfaction Guaranteed