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Arts & Crafts Style Meets the Computer Age.  Thinking that I could have the kids in the woodshop build it for me.

Arts & Crafts Style Meets the Computer Age. Thinking that I could have the kids in the woodshop build it for me.

(via 10 Artistic PC case mods made using wood ~ catchrandom)

pre-war radio cabinet - mod for computer - Zenith Radio Computer Case Mod. This case is inspired by the Art Deco .

25+ Creative DIY Computer Desk Plans You Can Build Today

Cool Gaming Station Computer Desk For Your Kids Room Decor: Contemporary Wooden Gaming Station Computer Desk Design With Storage And Office Chairs For Contemporary Bedroom Design

I am trying to save up for this

Just an awesome curved montitor setup ;) Life in the PC Master Race Credit to Regrann from

PC mod

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Really like the idea of a true computer desk.

I want thaaaat…(41 Photos)

The Rabbit Engineering Model G1 is a Bauhaus inspired tabletop arcade machine that plays Nintendo NES cartridges. More info at http://www.rabbitengineering.com

The Rabbit Engineering Model is a Bauhaus inspired tabletop arcade machine…

The Dr Frankenstein MAME Cabinet

This has to be one of the sweetest homemade arcade cabinets ever. It's a steampunk MAME arcade cabinet entitled Dr. Frankenstein's Monster Arcade on the ma

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Every boy has a dream about computer, especially right now, the technology dominate the world. If you want to protect yourself and save your privacy, it require you to learn more about computer.

Handcrafted Retro TV Styled iPad Stand

We have introduced all kinds of iPad stands to hold an iPad in landscape or portrait viewing mode. But if you want a unique way, the handcrafted retro TV styled


cool retro inspired tech accessories - I love these! Everyone needs faux typewriters for their digital devices! And I thought my typewriter app was cool.