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Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl

The “Anti-loneliness Ramen Bowl” by MisoSoupDesign: Eat and Surf! a little sad? Katie, if only you had an iPhone! Not that you're lonely.

A basset on a pony. ❤

Basset On A Pony - oh my god! this kills me! is that basset incredibly huge or is that just a really small pony?

The Cure for Frozen Shoulder That No One Talks About | AcuTake

The Cure for Frozen Shoulder That No One Talks About. This can also be easily addressed with Structural Integration techniques by a qualified Massage Therapist and via energetic healing arts such as Jin Shin Jyutsu.

The Empty Hand | God Bless You.   What a wonderful story, and tribute to those who offer their hands!

Watch this adorable video of father and 4 year old daughter sing 'Tonight You Belong to Me.

#dog #quote | www.fordogtrainers.com:

If the love of your life just happens to be furry and has four legs, then you'll be able to relate to these dog's are a (wo)man's best friend quotes.

God I would have died laughing if I was there

Funny Court Recordings

Absolutely hysterical witness / attorney exchanges in court! Worth the read! Man, some attorneys are idiots