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Inspired by Tokyo Ghoul's opening theme. Cant be more happy because they made Tokyo Ghoul an anime, but if only they would finish making it for fuck sake!

e oído sobre la doble personalidad pero jamas algo ten serio :O

Kaneki Ken ~ Tokyo Ghoul ~ Unravel ~ Reflection ~ I think it's super sad how him sitting in the chair in the intro represents both his place at Anteiku, and his time with Yamori as his hair turns white.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Touka Lock Screen Monday - circles implying standing on water


Hinami bon Jovi voice: 'shot in the heart, and you're to blame!

Tokyo ghouls... Faut vraiment que je regarde (et que je m'achète les mêmes lunettes)!

Tokyo ghouls… Faut vraiment que je regarde (et que je m'achète les mêmes… — арты аниме

(Open RP) "N-no way. you cant be me. do you have any idea how hard it was for me to find you!" i sigh

Touka sleeping with kaneki

Touka sleeping with kanek Super, Mega, extra, hiper Cute!

And I'm FREEEEEE, Free Falling

White haired Kaneki is the best. it's just so cool and hsbdhdjsksj I have thing with white haired anime characters< yeah white haired kaneki is best kaneki