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this will never not be funny

Literally my dad and I have connected so much to this. I was watching Thor and my dad heard Darcy say mew mew, and he was like "did she seriously just say mew mew?" And now mew mew is life.

I just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier so you must forgive me.

Donald Trump would deport this joke

I just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier so you must forgive me.<--- Oh my god.

"We are going to digital dissect every inch of that outdated piece of crap right now!" lol

Tony meets Bucky haha, at least he wants to help<< ten minutes later, Tony's sticking fridge magnets to it and Loki's setting up a giant magnet in the kitchen.<-all of these headcanons are valid and hilarious

Thor is always first for the Loki hugs

Cutest thing ever < Thor will always be the first to get a free Loki hug.

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Just in case Loki is conveniently somewhere to be found whereas Thor mysteriously dropped off the face of the earth. Just look at Thor’s face!

"Gifs in which Hawkeye is shooting a gun but his arm still goes back like he's pulling a bowstring." <-- Well isn't that something.

Hawkeye is pulling his invisible bow string even when he's shooting a gun.


Thor was seen riding the nyan cat across the sky and someone said "Hey lets call this Thorsday. How about Thursday. Is Thursday good?

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30 Funny Captain America Memes

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Coulson and Hawkeye by ~OrangePopFox on deviantART || Phil Coulson, Clint Barton || 720px × 2,007px || #fanart

The SHIELD TV show should totally have a Coulson and Clint-Barton-in-the-ceiling cameo. (also, OMG Coulson has a Captain America coffee mug XD)

I was browsing tumblr tags, and it occurred to me that I hadn't made a Phil fanart yet! I imagine that they let him stay at the gates of heaven to watch and cheer on his favorite team.

And then Coulson fanboyed so much that Heaven brought him back to life so they didn't have to hear it anymore

Nonvieta: Thor and Darcy

-Plot twist in which Thor and Darcy become best friends. I said, while I love Darcy/Loki, I'd also rather have Darcy/Thor than Jane/Thor. << Loki needs someone to love!