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probably the most relatable thing he has ever said

Actually I think I would do good I can cook and clean my mom said I can't get a dog but I'm going to get a hamster later

pic+of+korean+drama+dream+knight | VIDEO] GOT7 releases teaser for web drama “Dream Knight”

has just released the teaser featuring Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae for their upcoming web drama "Dream Knight" which will air on Naver TV and Tudou.

Used in many ways | allkpop Meme Center

I have watched this music video like 20 times in one day just to laugh at their facial expressions

funny, JB, and got7 image

Omg but I liked his hair when he got it permed it was cute qho else liked it

In preparation of going out: are you Jackson or Bambam? | allkpop Meme Center

BamBam Jackson BamBam is me when I actually try and look no and Jackson is when I don't care and just ready to go

GOT7 annoying Jinyoung for 5 minutes (feat. Jaebum) - YouTube #videos #got7 #vlive

annoying Jinyoung for 5 minutes (feat.

#GOT7 #You Are <3333

#GOT7 #You Are <3333

"7 For 7" wallpaper. "7 For 7" is the brand new album of GOT7. Every member participated greatly in the creation of this album. Jinyoung, JB, and BamBam each wrote a song on "7 For 7." Jackson wrote the rap for the song "Teenager." BamBam produced the album and filmed the lyric video for the title track, "You Are." Yugyeom also wrote a track of his own, and so did Youngjae. Mark assisted in writing the raps for a couple songs. It's a very great album and so much effort was put into it…

Go listen! You will not regret it! They did so amazing In this album.

[Screenshot] GOT7 - You Are MV Teaser Video   #GOT7 #YouAre #7for7

[Screenshot] GOT7 - You Are MV Teaser Video #GOT7 #YouAre #7for7

A walk-through of Jackson Wang in "Confession Song" MV | allkpop Meme Center

A walk-through of Jackson Wang in "Confession Song" MV - Jackson what even are you

#wattpad #ngu-nhin FANART !!!

[BTS][Fanart] FALL IN LOVE - 2018

Happy new year k pop community and kpop idols.i hope this year will be the best.

Who's Who GOT7 – Just Right In case some IGot7 didn't study up on who's who…

GOT7 Just Right Who’s Who

– Just Right. I loved this video and each of them in this video! - Okay , I just need to point out how damn FINE our JB was in this video .

GOT7 I donno why but I like got7group photo

I CAN NOT pick a bias in I love Jackson so much, but like JB is so good and like bias wrecks the Hell out of you and then BamBam is just dabbing his way into your heart, like.O <<<< ACCURATE

These dorks will literally be the death of me... | allkpop Meme Center

bbowling with Jackson :D << thanks to Yugyeom and Jungkook, the word "maknae" is a massive turn-on now. I drool like Pavlov's dogs. "evil maknae" is even better. a man with a dark side is so sexy.

I love how when ever the boys do something like this. JB, talks to them like he's their legit father♡♡                                                                                                                                                                                 More

JB YoungjaeI love how when ever the boys do something like this. JB, talks to them like he's their legit father♡♡