The design has a good use of contrast between the color of the shoes and the black backdrop. There is a minimal amount of text in this cover but it works well because it's a serious piece and not a lot needs to be said. Minimal text also helps with visual hierarchy because the eye is drawn to the "Boston" title and immediately can make sense of the image. The image strongly coveys the subject, the Boston Marathon Bombing, which I want to keep in  mind when designing my cover.

The cover of the May issue of Boston Magazine, photographed by Mitchell Feinberg, depicts actual shoes worn by Boston Marathon runners arranged in the shape of a heart. The sentiment is simple but powerful: “We will finish the race.


Jay-Z’s 2010 “King of America” Rolling Stone cover, done in collage. Artist Andy Gellenberg writes: “My purpose on this sized collage work was to recreate a magazine cover.

david carson poster, The way the words are scrambled and made to look like a wave makes the design quite cool and makes the design eye catching.

Designer: N/A Found in: Front page The direction of the type and formatting of the fonts makes the design seem to recreate the style of David Carson.

Deconstructivism - David Carson style - poster

Deconstructivism - David Carson style - poster Love how the artist really pushes the legibility. This allows the letterforms to become a texture with great life and energy.

162-fd3529fd7b8a7a7bc0f04eb76b2e6986.jpg 493×680 pixels

graphic black and white + hand drawn text in different weights and colors + high-intensity feeling/// Yves Saint Laurent by François-Marie Banier

relax magazine, issue 97 march 2005.

relax magazine, issue 97 march Playful typography,masthead and cover lines go well with a playful image. Can my cover be environmentally concerned and playful/funny/informal at the same time?

Research Studios' Calendar 2011 by Neville Brody:

Research Studios' Calendar 2011 by Neville Brody. I love how the words are scattered all across the page, very creative.

Clash, September 2011,

(letra palo seco) I think this is a very interesting magazine cover combining the faces of two people together!