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Olha nós aqui!

Olha nós aqui!

No one will get past us. . pic.twitter.com/iBUeT4VFrB

DailyDose Of Kittens on

Bird poop protection gear - any tin hats around? We'd actually like 2 join the Order of the Tin Hats, now that we're used 2 head gear

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Stop animal testing Ughhh. I only buy cruelty free beauty products. How can anyone not care enough to stop?

I love it

A pet cat named Dodger has taken to hopping on and off the public transport at the bus station near his home in England. The Tom sits on bemused passengers’ laps as the bus makes up to 10 mile round trips. Bus drivers often bring him food an

fun effect!

Akin to a FISH eye lens image ! The goldfish bowl magnify's the cats face like a fish eye lens would ( An awesome illusion ) ✅

I am a huge animal rights activist, spreading awareness of the importance of adopting, not breeding, anti-cruelty, etc.

“This definitely needs to be done. So many sadistic animal trends being done by kids&teens lately.


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Stop Russian dog fighter from hurting more animals! | YouSignAnimals.org

You fight dogs because you are a pussy. I am Russian and kick your pussy ass anytime.

Act Now to Stop Cosmetics Testing on Animals | PETA's Blog | PETA

Act Now to Stop Cosmetics Testing on Animals

Please sign to alert congress that we need to stop animal testing in the US! Act Now to Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.

This is the best. Why doesn't anything like this ever happen to me?

Hey everybody wants a photo!

We often see photographs of wildlife or of photographers taking pictures of wildlife. But what about wildlife photographers? That is, animals taking pictures?

Fox faced cats. Adorable!!

Looks like a Fox but its a cat. Omg i want one: Foxy Cat, Kitty Cat, Faced Kitten, Face Cat

Get it off me!!!!!!

This cat is screaming like a little girl. I have no idea why. it's just a cute little rattie standing there. on top of his head. with a great big grin on his little rattie face.