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Pregopontocom @ Tudo: O PRECONCEITO E A FALTA DE RESPEITO NÃO TEM LIMITE... Nem bem cicatrizaram as feridas da lamentável agressão sofrida pelo jogador brasileiro Daniel Alves  quando um torcedor Atirou uma banana em sua direção,fato que provocou uma revolta generalizada,dando surgimento a um movimento equivocado aprofundando mais ainda o sentimento RACISTA E PRECONCEITUOSO, denominado #somostodosmacacos  eis que hoje me deparo com mais uma agressão idêntica desrespeitosa,preconceituosa,

Day 235 – Thinking is Never Enough even after million Thoughts. Breathe to stop the monkey mind, or die slowly.

Some great ideas I haven't seen.

If it works it's not stupid (no potato)

Tech gadgets life hacks Genius solutions to simple problems that only require normal stuff around the house.

ventilation illustration -- Myasthenic Crisis may result in a ventilator (been there/done that!)

The illustration shows a standard setup for a ventilator in a hospital room. The ventilator pushes warm, moist air (or air with increased oxygen) to the patient. Exhaled air flows away from the patient.

hypoglycemia vs hyperglycemia  A person with diabetes may go from one extreme to the other depending on what was eaten and how much insulin was taken.  The balance is extremely fragile and there are other factors that affect how much insulin is needed: physical activity, hormones, and age, for instance.

Nursing Diagnosis Nanda: Nursing Intervention Nursing Care Plan for Children with Diabetes Mellitus

to all the nurses out there who have worked on an acute care floor. well..... you get it. ha ha ha

Two aspects of my life - fangirling and when I fall, I CAN'T get up!