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SHUT UP!!!! A anake cake-Haven't found a recipe yet but the photos are so realistic they blow your mind

I can't believe this is a cake! I thought it was a real snake!

Create Brush Embroidery Cake Decorating effects using this SugarVeil Cake Icing Tutorial

Brush Embroidery Cake Flowers and Template Ideas

Intricate Cake Design (no details given, but I imagine this is just white chocolate piped onto a hand drawn or printed design on wax paper, put into the freezer and then adhered to cake with dots of melted choc) Cute for cupcakes too!

Awww poor guy! He doesn't deserve that

I actually feel bad for the creeper there o.o It looks so sad, thats probably my face when a creeper blows up mah stuff xD

EASY LITTLE PANDAS CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES - i should try this with the orange chocolate cake...

Panda Bear Cupcakes [Recipe & Tutorial] : so easy using chocolate chips for eyes, ears, nose + chocolate sprinkles for mouth! You can decorate store bought cupcakes as pandas!

Minecraft comic fan art, build layers. #fpsxgames #minecraft #fanart

I feel bad for the ghast cuz he wants his mommy and I think the zombie is stuck and the endermen needs a diamond

Love this!

Halloween wedding cakes, wedding cakes with ribbon bow. There are many people who don't want simple wedding cakes.this one is definitely not simple! Make a bold statement with designs and bright colors!