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Parakeets  This is how it WAS between Marshamallow and Animal.  by Isabel

Budgie factsheet for kids - I've spent a lot of time with pets in my house and at workplace. Fish and aquarium being one of my strong pet hobbies, naturally i found myself attracted towards parakeets over time.

Budgies are popular pet birds in Australia (about the same size as a canary) but the only one that I have seen in the wild is the green one. S

Parakeets: I have had a couple of green ones and one blue parakeet as pets.

Parakeets!!!! Former parakeet breeder. Loved hand taming my baby keets.

the chirping sounds of sweet parakeets creates positive Chi.just make sure to keep their cage squeeky clean!

Rainbow Spangle includes yellow-face type 2, skyblue, opaline, and spangle mutations.

Rainbow Spangle: Yellowface skyblue opaline spangle American Parakeet x English Budgie cross (Toto) pretty

Beautiful pastel parakeet.

What a cutie! Skyblue Recessive Pied Golden face (probably also Opaline)…

So precious! Love my 4 of and love to hear them communicate with each other and my other bird family...reminds me of the sounds of Spring.

Nature sounds: Parakeets Singing, Talking, Chirping, kissing each other. Relaxing Videos, Sounds of nature. Budgies talking to each other.

Tattoo Idea

Parakeet pet portrait /Absolutely the best pets. Everybody should have a parakeet or bird at some point.

Periquitos Australianos [Megapost]

Periquitos Australianos [Megapost]

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