Idea para escritorio debaixo da ventana con sitio de almacenamento debaixo

workscape for children kids desk Great ideas for children's desks and workspaces. Whether in the bedroom or.

Fun mixed chairs & art display

10 increíbles zonas de estudio para niños

bureau rangement

I really like this desk/bench setup, but try to avoid chairs for kids - they'll do enough sitting in cars and schools!

sweet home

"symmetrical airplane gallery wall + dotted play storage baskets" // It seems like my natural sense of style would leave my whole house looking like a little boy's room. I love this.

homeschool rooms | Homeschool Room Idea by estela.  The mint green color is soothing :)

This play room has a travel theme to inspire young travelers. From globes and maps to suitcases and souvenirs, the travel theme adds color as well as interest.

Our Favorite Pinterest Desks for Kids – Recreated!

built in desk ~ ,maybe the family room! ~ Fiorella Design: Floating desk in boy's bedroom with white desk, built-in white cubbies, ivory & black .

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41 Clever Organizational Ideas For Your Child's Playroom. Also some cool organization ideas if you don't have kids.


Looking for that perfect desk for you kids room? We've collected over 20 creative desk ideas for kids rooms to inspire you.