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LOVE the wild colours of papier mache dragon. What if a float wasn't a float at all but people in moving costumes.

Paper Mache dragon, closeup of the head

This is not your typical grade school paper mache project. In fact Cindy Williams, had not sculpted anything since high school. Over 10 years later she is inspired by the work of Jonni Good of Ulti.



This one kind of looks like a fish mixed with a dragon wings mixed with a lizard tongue mixed with a hawk's talons mixed with the teeth of a snake.

Art With Mr. E: Paper Sculpture Creatures: 1st Grade

These are my teacher examples. I don& know if I& ever posted pictures of my teacher examples because I mainly want to show off my .

123 behind the making of a mask.

wire and tissue paper mask More wire and paper sculptures by Polly Verity

dragon de papel mache paso a paso - Buscar con Google

Dragon Alebrije One of the famous fantastic paper mache alebrijes made by the Linares family of Mexico City

220px-6AlebrijeParade156.JPG (220×202)

220px-6AlebrijeParade156.JPG (220×202)


Alebrije Alebrijes are brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures. The first alebrijes, along with use of the term, originated with Pedro Linares.

Alebrije by Cucubianita, via Flickr

El peligro de soñar ( alebrijes )