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Police Let Me Come In These Beautiful Doors! Pure architectural beauty You can't help but .

Which cat would stay put in this

Which cat would stay put in this


Shadowface is a strong warrior of DarkClan. He once believed in StarClan, but Tigerstar visited him in his dreams, and convinced him to join the Dark Forest, and join DarkClan. (Played by me)

#Chocolate Point Siames via @WaynetteCleveland Twitter

My mum was a breeder of chocolate point Siamese. They are beautiful soft focus seal points!

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21 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds That Make You Fall in Love

Here is the list of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world. They are the types of cats who want nothing more than to love you.

No, I prefer not to think of myself as a cat. I am Siamese if you please. I am Siamese if you don't please.

My first cat was one of these. A haft breed, but still my most loyal cat. :( I love these traditional siamese cats, sometimes called "thai cat." My first cat ever was one.

Kitty Wants a Belly Rub - 9th September 2014

Kitty Wants a Belly Rub - 9th September 2014

I ❤ my black and white cats (Oh my gosh! If I owned this cat, I would have to name it "Smudge-Mouth," and call it Smudgy or Smudges.

This could have been Blackie, the love of my life. I think of him every day, and wish I could still hold him in my arms.

When Halloween rolls around we automatically think of ugly old witches and their ferocious black cats. But I have found that witches and their familiars can be quite lovely. I have searched Zazzle for artistic renditions of witches and cats and have.