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lilli-lu-68: Laura Makabresku

lilli-lu-68: Laura Makabresku

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The Photography of Laura Makabresku --- a coalescence of love, beauty, innocence, pain and death

My photographies are like screenshots from beautiful but cruel fairy tales. Their narrations are not straight. Images that appear are more like feelings that come during a lecture of an old folk-based story – full of witchcrafts and retributions.

Death In This Land Is Liberating

Little Cradle, Laura Makabresku

Little Cradle, Laura Makabresku - Fairy tale about a girl, who wasn't afraid of death. Her fragile bones looked as white coffins where birds used to sleep.

Photography by Laura Makabresku

laura makabresku: it is a fairy tale about a little girl, who happened to partially woke up from a very long dream.