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pink-green-body-queen:  This is so insanely true, haha. Omfg. Love it. <3http://sockerbubbla.blogspot.se/

Funny Sports/Leagues Ecard: Everybody getting engaged, married or having babies.Im just over here trying to get some abs & a booty.

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Some Ecards - health. health-freak sorry for the bad word but true! Life is hard sometimes!


My next goal in life is to get through an entire Insanity Max Interval Circuit session without uttering a single curse word.

Shaun+T+always+tells+me+to+dig+deeper+while+working+out.+If+I+dig+any+deeper,+I+will+be+digging+my+own+grave.@Gabi Diaz

Shaun+T+always+tells+me+to+dig+deeper+while+working+out.+If+I+dig+any+deeper,+I+will+be+digging+my+own+grave. So true!

Funny Sports Ecard: Muscle memory. Yep, it really does work! My muscles DID NOT FORGET that INSANITY workouts HURT like hell!

About 3 times a week now I do a Beach Body workout. The four DVDs I like (and have) are Insanity, and Les Mills Combat.

The workout was called Speed 3.0 from Focus T25.... just in case the EMT's need to know.

The workout was called Speed from Focus just in case the EMT& need to know.

Can't say you eat healthy all the time & get fast food everyday!

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Anyone can work out for an hour, true strength is controlling what goes on your plate during the other twenty three.