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Blog - Mamãe Achei - Mamãe Achei

Blog - Mamãe Achei - Mamãe Achei

I really like the different styles and the way they all look together.. :)

Notice the difference between each line as well as the lettering and the quotes. Cool Typography Quotes beautiful hand lettering AND wisdom

29 Reasons I Envy People Who Decided Not To Have Kids - Or 29 reasons being childfree is awesome.

These 29 funny parenting truths will remind you just why the child-free life is pretty darn great.

tattoo old school / traditional nautic ink - doll face / cowgirl pinup

Javi Bueno is graphic designer and illustrator based in Zaragoza, Spain. Part of being a designer is to be able to create your vision and ideas through any kind of mediums and variant styles.

Number one - typography - cas shadows, painted/textured background One Art Print

handwriting art - scan it, have a machine cut it out of metal - could do wedding vows?

hand cut type What? I love how delicate this font is and I appreciate it even more because it's hand cut paper