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Hina Aoyama

Hina Aoyama

Hina Aoyama has a passion : to create super fine lacy-paper-cuttings with a simple pair of scissors. She uses a mixture of the traditional and modern styles to produce her own world through her own special paper-cuttings technique.

Paper Cutting Art | incredible paper cutting art insanetwist com

Paper Cutting Art - Hina Aoyama uses a pair of scissors to create intricate, delicate pictures

Dentelle de papier - Hina Aoyama

Hand-Cut Paper par Hina Aoyama


"Incredibly Intricate Paper Cutting Designs by Hina Aoyama" -- ever wondered what the text looks like without the surrounding page? Here it is in all its webby, lacy glory!

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Brian Dettmer, a New York-based artist known as the Book Surgeon, uses tweezers, knives, scalpels and other surgical tools to dissect and carve old books into intricate and beautiful sculptures

Su Blackwell.  THIS MAKES ME INSANE, it's so wonderful.

Project inspiration: su_blackwell With a few snips here, and a few snips there, London based artist/art director Su Blackwell turns ordinary books into stunning paper sculptures, bringing birds, butterflies and fairy tales to life…